Sand Box

Welcome to Little Treasures Nursery, a totally new concept in nursery care. Here at Little Treasures the emphasis is very much on the environment as the nursery is set in rural countryside. The nursery has an extensive outdoor play area which is divided into play and activity areas, e.g. Large Jungle Gym, Summerhouse, Bike, where children have the opportunity to participate in Bike Ability (A member of staff holds a Cycle Scotland Trainer certificate to teach bike ability, through sessions children learn how to maintain, ride safely and confidently), Planting and Growing, Orchard, Reflection, Digging, Sand and Water areas.  We also have a large grassed area where the children participate a wide range of experiences amongst them modern and street dance, physical play and den building. Staff have been trained and regularly carry out active family sessions to teach children the importance of being active and healthy. Over and above these experiences on offer within the nursery the children also have opportunities to develop their knowledge and understanding of their local and wider communities.

Safety is of the utmost importance at Little Treasures which is why the nursery is equipped with CCTV Cameras.

Little Treasures has a partnership with North Lanarkshire Council, which allows us to offer government funding to all 3-5 year olds. This partnership also allows us to gain new knowledge. Working with North Lanarkshire Council enables the nursery to access a wide range of information and resources, which can be incorporated into the nursery. We also have a partnership with North Lanarkshire Council which allows us to apply for Government Funded places for 2 year olds.

We are part of the Outdoor Network within North Lanarkshire Council where we are able to share good practices we have in place which encourages outdoor play and develops children's learning and achievements.

The Nursery is committed to challenging children’s learning and development; therefore, we encourage the children to develop their understanding of their local natural environment in a variety of ways including exploration of local woodlands and outings to local facilities, centres and services. Of the children who have had the opportunity to participate in such experiences, staff have observed the many benefits these experiences have had in building children's motivation for learning, confidence, self-esteem, relationships and respect for their natural environment.

At Little Treasures:

Wet Playing
  • We provide a loving, happy, secure and stimulating environment for all children where inclusion of all learners is a central goal.
  • We seek to provide all our learners with the best possible start to life which will allow them to have a positive outlook on learning and reach their full potential.
  • We encourage the development of a home and nursery partnership; we aim to meet the needs of our families through provision of a flexible service, respect for confidentiality, a non-judgemental attitude and equality for all.
  • We encourage links with our local and wider community allowing us to provide all children with a wider variety of learning experiences.
  • We ensure all parents/carers are kept informed on their child through daily chats, information evenings and parent's evenings. A monthly newsletter is e-mailed to all parent regarding nursery life and policies. We also have a private Facebook page in operation which we encourage parents to access to view upcoming events in the Nursery as well as see their children’s achievements.
  • We follow Child Protection Guidelines set out by North Lanarkshire Council. Our prime responsibility is the welfare and well being of all children in our care. The Child Protection Officer is trained annually and will pass all information received onto the staff team.
  • We, through a comprehensive Equal Opportunities Policy, ensure that each individual child or adult is treated as a person in their own right, with equal rights and responsibilities to any other individual.  
  • We provide an environment and ethos for all children which allows staff to provide a coherent, flexible and enriched curriculum focused on the needs and thoughts of each individual child allowing them to become Confident Individuals, Responsible Citizens, Successful Learners and Effective Contributors.
  • To further support children in reaching the 4 capacities we as a nursery are committed to further developing and challenging children’s learning, and have obtained great success with regards to our Forest Experiences, Bike Ability and Dance experiences.  Our commitment to sharing such experiences and the benefits they bring has brought us many acknowledgements from North Lanarkshire Council, other nurseries, as well as members of our local and wider communities for sharing such good practices.
  • We identify strengths and areas for development through auditing our performance, listening to parents and children, using 'Child at the Centre 2' and the National Care Standards, other National documents as well as the production of an Improvement Plan.
  • We are a non-denominational nursery providing all children opportunities to gain knowledge and respect towards others religions, faiths, cultures and beliefs.
  • We are a Health Promoting Nursery.
  • We are an official Eco School.